Duallink DVI 4K UHD Extender

Item No.: DDL-20



The DDL-20 Duallink DVI 4K extender is divided into the transmitter DLK-IN and the receiver DLK-OUT. It transmits 4K Ultra HD signal up to 100 meters without loss using two conventional CAT.6 UTP cables. Plug and play, it is very easy to operate. The DDL-20 greatly reduces the complexity of the wiring with its cost-efficient and highly-reliable performance.



·  Converts Duallink DVI 4K signals from transmitter to twisted pair signals.

·  Maximum transmission distance up to 100m.

·  Transmits double DVI bandwidth data, the maximum clock rates is 330MHz.

·  Supports UHD signal transmission.

·  Supports 3D.

·  DVI 1.0 standard.

·  Self-detecting function for EDID.

·  Plug and play, no setup needed.

·  Compact, durable and highly reliable.

·  Conventional CAT.6 UTP cable available.

·  LED indicator light for source signal presence and power.



·  Supported 4K Resolution: 2560×1440@60Hz 2560×1600@60Hz 3840×2160@30Hz, 4096×2160@24Hz

·  Supported 3D Resolution: 1920×1080@120Hz 2560×720/800@120Hz

·  Input TMDS: 1.2Vp-p

·  Input DDC: 5Vp-p (TTL)

·  Max. Transmission Distance: 100m (Using CAT.6 cable)

·  Transmitter Connector: One Duallink DVI (Input), RJ45 (Output)

·  Receiver Connector: RJ45 (Input), One Duallink DVI (Output)

·  DC Offset: DC 5V 1A

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