Cat7 LAN Cable SSTP Fluke Channel Test 700MHz

Item No.: HTS-NW702


Networking cable
SSTP Cat7 cable, Lan cable & Patch cords
Cat7 with each pair AL Shielding;  

OD: 6.5mm/7.0mm/7.2mm
Conductor:  OFC

   (7/0.16BC*4P+AL)+D7/0.16BC+B96/0.12AL-Mg  OD:7.0mm 

Cat7 cable laying is a by Category 7 certified, high quality network cable installation and ideal for all structured cabling by Category 7. From construction to industrial use, you can use the  Cat7 to achieve a first-rate data transmission. The typical application is the cabling network outlets and patch panels.

Properties Construction:

- Conductor of plain copper wire 4x2 
- 8 wires shielded pairs screened pairs foil shield
- braid shielding as overall shield
- High quality cable construction, cable diameter upto 7.2 mm


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